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Best PC-NAS connection for media?

Hi and thanks for answering my question. Based on your reviews in 2020, I finally purchased the QNAP TS-653D with 8GB RAM. It is fully populated with 6 WD 10TB drives (RAID 5). The NAS holds all my music files (mostly high resolution *.dsf (SACD) files, 4K movies, photos and also records/stores 8 surveillance cameras.

Currently, the NAS is connected to my router via cat 6a and my PCs (1 PC and 2 laptops) are all connected to my router via a switch and cat 6A cables. I have 1GB internet service. I play music from the NAS through J River Media Center on each of my PCs. It works fine. But, is my PC media software getting the music data perfectly? Or, should I connect my main PC directly to the NAS? Is there any difference in the quality of the music file between ethernet connected LAN or direct ethernet connection from NAS to one of my PCs?


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