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Rs818+ vs ds720+?


If it comes to synology, seems like you are the one to ask! Great comparisons! However i am unsure what to buy.
I have a Ds215j in Place with 2*3TB Wd red

I am looking for an upgrade. Since i have a small rack at home the rackversions seem nice, but expensive.

I have now the opportunity to buy a used RS818+ without drives for around 550.- swiss francs.

A empty ds720+ costs me new about 450 swiss francs.

I use the nas for data storage and for streaming home made fotos amd movies ro my tv via apple tv.
Also for synching/backup my files to dropbox automatically.

Can you tell me with which one of the above you would go?
Would you buy new Harddroves or just transfer the current ones into the new nas?

Thanks a lot
Rackmount version would indeed sit nicely in your rack cabinet. It is much louder and it would belong to enclosed space.Performance-wise, both of these NAS feature 4-core processors. They would perform similarly. Rackmount model feature PCIe slot, which can massively boost data transfer speeds when upgraded with 10GbE card.Regards to multimedia, if your TVs support all video files and resolutions then things like transcoding is not something you might need. This rack model could transcode 1080p videos, but if you wanted some 4K transcoding streaming while away from home, DS720+ with its graphics chip would do better on the fly video conversion. DS Video and Video station app would make this work.I hope this helps.

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