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8 Bay QNAP Layout?

Hi there,

I really love your videos. They have helped me set up my 2 bay QNAP and Synology devices, so thank you.

However, I really need some advice about the setup of an 8 bay QNAP I have just bought, along with 8 x 4Tb WQ Reds.

My main concern that I don't want to stripe the disks. I don't need speed, and I want to be able to access the contents of the disks were I to have a hardware failure, so I can stick any drive in a caddy and read the disks, but at the same time, having a mirror of the disks for redundancy.

I'm thinking that my solution would be something like 4 x 4Tb disks mirrored with the other 4 x 4Tb drives.

Would I have just one storage pool and 2 volumes?, or do I create 2 pools and mirror those?

Also, do I set the drives up as a JBOD?

I hope you can point me in the right direction, or maybe let me know how I can go about getting this information? I am a home user with a bit of knowledge. (Dangerous). Mainly backing up vast amounts of photographs, and negative scans.

Thank you so much,

Stephen Donoghue.

If you prefer to have mirrored redundancy instead of stripe, then with an 8-bay choose RAID10. This will split those 8 drives into two halves and get them mirrored.You can then create single volume and you are ready to rock. Alternatively, you could create two pools and two volumes and set up automated backup option. But this would be a more complicated and slower solution.I hope this helps.

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