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Small Business + plex nas advice?

I love your content, thank you! I am brand new to the world of NAS storage and find the whole area quite confusing. I am sure you have answered my question many times over so my deepest apologies if you have.

I am looking for an 8 bay desktop-style NAS enclosure only right now, for as close to the £1000 mark as possible with the intention of buying 10tb or above drives as I need them to populate the bays in the coming weeks or months

I work from home running a company called Wylies Outdoor World, here is our web link if you are interested

I am needing a NAS system to share files between my team both locally and remotely. These files can be anything from pictures, documents all the way up to 4k video files.

We are still quite new to YouTube but focusing and investing heavily this year in growing our YouTube with our camping, bushcraft tutorials, product reviews and will be touring the UK filming in 4k.

All our files will be held on the nas, But I also use plex as my home media server, which I do watch from my mobile device on cold nights on camping trips.

at the moment all these files are held on my main editing pc, it works like a dream but sharing is problematic I find with other users out of my network .

if you could point me to a qnap or Synology enclosed that will do these jobs I would be really gratfull
Qnap tvs-873e would fit in this budget. Normally I would recommend something with i3/i5/i7 but those models will be fairly expensive such as TVS-872N.Qnap 73 series do support 4K playback and transcoding. Plex might need an offline transcoding option but Video station should have no issues remotely.Backing up and file-sharing will be much easier compared to a computer solution you have. You also get RAID protection and numerous apps supporting your data storage and sharing needs.I hope this helps.

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