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Best NAS for iPhone camera backup?
I am about to by my first NAS. But I can not find good information about some details that are on high priority to me.

I want:

* Instant upload of iPhone photos and the possability to have them deleted automaticly from iphone after uploaded.

* iPhone Live Photos support (on auto uploaded photos and browsing photos)

* to be able to use my iPhone to browse my photo collection stored in my NAS. I plan to have nothing locally stored in my phone so there will be plenty of space for a big cache files for thumbnails.

I am comfortable with configuring systems but can not really say what NAS brand that I want. But if one of them are better on my wishes above - that will be what I go for.

Hello David,I would recommend DS220+. This is a dual bay option allowing you to mirror the data on both disks. If one drive fails you have a copy on another. There is also DS218play which a cheaper version with limited options, but it would work as a photo backup solution. Synology Moments will automatically sync your photos and videos including your Live photos. You can then click and wipe backed up media from your phone and free up some space.
Thank you for your answer! Will a Qnap NAS also do the job or is Synology better if only thinking about automatic iPhone (and live photos) backup?
Synology better integrates with mobile devices. But there are also Qnap alternatives available such as TS-251D. Qnap with PCIe slots would allow upgrading to 5GbE or 10GbE or SSD cache if you need something like this at a later stage.

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