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Rack recommendations?

I've a rack cabinet at home, and a little Pi 4 running Plex on a single USB 3.0 HDD. I'd like to add in a NAS, but considering a rack mounted NAS for Plex as everything else is racked in there and it makes sense form factor wise.

Admittedly I believe these are underpowered for transcoding, however the only viewing I really do is on my TVs and Apple TV over Ethernet at home. Would a rack NAS be up for the challenge? And if not, could I use the NAS for storage only and let the Pi do the heavy lifting in terms of transcoding instead do you think?

I think I've watched every video you've made for the last 2 years or so but I can't find enough data to counter my inexperience and hope you could advise. Many thanks for your time, and great channel!
Looks like your TVs do support all media types you store and transcoding is not something you may need. In this case any NAS would do a job. But if you think you may want to access some media remotely one day then there are few models with built-in transcoding chip (TS-453DU and TS-451DeU).Otherwise, you can choose any other model and you can link it to your Pi 4.I hope this helps.

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