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Looking for NAS mainly for media streaming AWAY from home in 4K?

Hello. I have done some research on NAS systems and I am looking to get my first NAS soon. Here are my main needs: store and access pics, videos, and files from anywhere I am, store and stream large 4K media files (movies and TV shows) at home and away from home and on multiple devices simultaneously, store backups of iPhones and Macbooks.

I have been leaning to get the QNAP TVS-672XT. I like the speeds it offers with thunderbolt connectivity and the i3 processor will allow for 4k transcoding when using plex server (right?). Along with this bay, I am planning to get 5 "Seagate IronWolf 10TB NAS Hard Drive 7200 RPM 256MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s CMR 3.5" Internal HDD for RAID Network Attached Storage ST10000VN0008 - OEM" drives to put in the bay.

Will this setup meet my needs listed above? Especially the ability to stream in 4K away from home. I plan to share access to this NAS to my family that lives in other states across the US and I want the streaming to be able to run simultaneously in 4K for multiple people.

Let me know if this will work or if I should look at other options and if so, then what?

Thank you for the help!
Qnap 672XT would do a very good job, but it will be very likely limited to single 4K Plex stream remotely (also, not all 4K video files would transcode). If you used Video station app from Qnap for remote streaming then you could transcode several 4K streams, but Plex is simply too resource demanding. You could consider TS-873 with PCIe graphics card for transcoding or TVS-872XT with the graphics card, but this will increase the costs. You maybe rather build your own Plex PC with GPU and get a cheaper NAS you can connect Plex server to.I hope this helps.

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