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Trying to decide on which NAS?

I want to make sure I don't overspend or underspend. I'm looking for a NAS to do the following:
1. A place for local file backups for my current backup software (Arq) for two computers
2. A place to store files that don't fit on my computer such as photos and music
3. The ability to access those files remotely on my Mac. (I have a VPN set up on my router, so I'm fine using the VPN if that is the solution.)

Nice to have would be the following:
1. The ability to display the photos on my TV
2. The ability to hook up a camera

I don't think I need more than two bays at this point. I'm looking at the following models:
1. DS220j
2. DS218play
3. DS218
4. DS220+

Is the DS220j too underpowered? Is the DS220+ too overpowered? Thanks!
Choosing Synology will simplify your backup solution significantly. They can backup system files of a Windows and they are finishing up their MAC version. But in meantime you can use their Drive app, which very similar to Dropbox but better.You can of course use ARQ software to set up automated backup to your NAS. Alternatively, you can install Timemachine backup on your NAS and do it this way.You can create several network shared folders and mount them on your computers or mobile devices. Then you can offload some of the data which you do not need on a computer but you can always access it when you need it, including access over the internet.You can then cast your media on HDMI sticks on your TV, or if you have a smart TV, then internal apps will have access to your shared folders of videos and pictures.The camera will not be something you can connect, but you can connect a memory card or external drive via USB though.I hope this helps.

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