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2nd NAS as backup?

Hi, I have a DS415+ running 4 x 4TB, 7200rpm Ironwolf drives. It is used for office document storage (1x Mac, 1x MacBook), family photo and video media, iTunes, Scrivener, DevonThink and ProPresenter storage. I was running the NAS on SHR but continually seemed to run out of space. Forward-fast: I copied everything off the 415+ to external drives (total amount of ‘stuff’ just under 5tb). My old Mac (I’m awaiting desperately the M1 chip in new iMac) has a 1TB internal HDD. My iTunes (1.8TB) is on an external 5TB Seagate, my photos and videos (around 2TB) are on another Seagate external 5TB. Time Machine runs to an external LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt 5TB but is currently being swapped to a Seagate external 6TB. The LaCie will then become my new LightRoom photo library. All a mess really. So to my question:

I reset the NAS to RAID10 giving me 8TB of storage across two drives mirrored to the two other drives. Is it wise to have a second twin-disk 8TB NAS to serve as a backup to the DS415+? I’m stubbornly attached to Synology and Seagate so what would you recommend. I don’t want to pay for a cloud solution so other than an external drive attached to the 415+ by USB, what are my options?

Great site and superb instructional videos, thanks.

Revd. Stephen Hancock
The second NAS do not need to be the same. Get a simple J series NAS with a single 8TB drive or dual 4TB (or whatever capacity you will need next few years). Then you can put it somewhere in a loft or basement so it automatically sync all data on daily basis. This will keep data safe against disasters like flood/fire/theft.Sticking with Synology will simplify the process.I hope this helps.

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