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QNAP TS-332X and TS-932PX to support QuTS Hero?

Hi. I have spent a day trying to find out which QNAP NAS'es will support the new QuTS Hero OS. I cannot seem to find that out :-(

My use case is backups (Apple Time Machine) and storing and editing audio files. I would like my backups to be fast.

I am leaning towards QNAP TS-332X and TS-932PX with some SSDs for Qtier and caching + 3.5" drives in RAID.

Is it likely that these can support QuTS Hero properly for file handling purposes if you upgrade them to 16GB RAM? (non-ECC, I guess)
Qnap promised at the start that there will be a choice given which OS to use, but they ended up limiting this only on certain models. You can find them here : you don't need this OS to keep things running smooth. In fact, new OS is actually more limiting than QTS.Qnap 32X / 32PX series are a good choice for backups and file storage.I hope this helps.

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