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Synology NAS choice ?

Would you recommend I go with DS 1520+? Especially if it is only $50 more than DS920+ ? I think DS920+ satisfies my needs.

-- Currently Amazon is up charging for DS920+. Amazon selling for near $650 (seemingly above list price found everywhere for $549) and DS1520+ for $699
-- My concerns are really the increased noise (located in office room) and power consumption of DS1520+
-- My use: I will be backing up several (5-10 computer users) and support personal cloud for them. Some digital media..

I have watched over several years to buy what would be currently the Synology DS920+ 4 bay NAS. Have not purchased previously, not having funds, but now have saved enough Amazon credits to purchase from Amazon.

Appreciate your reviews and your advice. Thank you,
Both of these NAS models perform very similarly. There will be no noise difference apart from drives chosen to be inside.Having more LAN ports at the back might speed up backup process if you have many users backing up at the same time bottlenecking 1GbE line.Either way, you get a good NAS with easy to set up and use software.You do not even need to fill all bays. You can leave one for later expansion or spare drive RAID rebuild.I hope this helps.

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