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Which NAS TO GET ?

Hey Robbie
I believe I have watched almost every single video you have posted.
Finally, I have bought Asustor nimbustor but will send it back due to unreliable and unfinished HDMI Asustor Portal interface and no possibility for NVME caching. I know I can use the extra two remaining bays ( i have started with 2 X 8TB Ironwolfs, still waiting for delivery), but I also saw your video on SATA SSD and nVME SSD caching and guess SATA would not be much efficient?
Moreover, I really want a powerful enough CPU and caching / RAM so that when I want to look through and scroll over thousands of photos ( could be up to 10 MB each), I don’t need just to see empty thumbnails and wait for pictures to load correctly.
I also want to play 4K on my 4K TV (not necessarily on my mobile devices) but really with 60 Hz.
2.5 Gbe ethernet would make it future proof, I believe. I look at the QNAP TVS series, but when I look at CPU benchmark test sites, I figured out the margin between AMD Embedded R-Series RX-421BD and the new Celerons (for example, Celeron J4105 @1.50GHz built-in Asustor and Synology, etc.) are just too narrow!!! But people call it powerful nas!
3302 vs. 2964 CPU Mark, does it mean that this Asustor Nimbustor is VERY CLOSE TO THAT so-called powerful QNAP TVS NAS?
I am baffled ?‍♂️ plsssss help

Many thanks
Yes, people choose Asustor thanks to its cheap hardware and then they install third-party apps on it.If you need something more reliable then Qnap and Synology will be a better choice indeed.AMD Embedded R-Series is a powerful NAS, but I would not call it a better multimedia NAS. Celeron with a built-in graphics chip can handle media as well as file server better when multitasking.I hope this helps.

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