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New Nas ?


Would like to advise on what to buy. I currently have a very old DS 1010+ with 2x 4Tb drives 2x3tb drives and an old 2tb drive. I have had this for the last 5 years now and done well for me.

I'm a photographer and store images and videos on the drive. I back up my computer to the NAS

I back up 3 iphone pictures to the NAS,

Thats pretty much all I use it for

I noticed recently one of the fans stopped and restarted therefore I'm thinking its got an issue somewhere and think I need to upgrade before it fails.

I was thinking the DS1520+ but its over my budget and do I really need it. Or is it worth considering an older NAS.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Synology DS1520+ would be a logical upgrade, but you are right, you could just get a previous model DS1019+. It has very similar performance.You might even get a better deal since everyone is trying to restock with a newer model.Both of these model feature very similar graphics chip capable of even 4K. You should be OK.I hope this helps.

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