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Budget/basic NAS for file sharing/backups?

Hi i am considering purchase of QNAP TS-230 with ST4000VN008.
Estimated usage - 1) stockpile for our family , 2) first tier backup from 2 laptops.
Question 1: Will it work if I initially purchase just the NAS with one HDD of 4Tb - start using it and during the year add another 4Tb to create RAID 1 ?
Question 2: I want to use a usb HDD to attach to the NAS as 2 tier backup - is it any good of a strategy? Could You advise on particular hardware?

P.S. Thanx 4 those reviews on Youtube - these are quite good for a newbie.
Yes, this is something you can surely do. Start with just a single drive and expand to a RAID1 later. Using an external drive as a backup is also a good choice. This will keep your data safe against disasters like fire/flood/burglars and so on.Qnap is improving their software regularly and adding more functions and apps to simplify the backup process and user interface.I hope this helps.

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