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Re: interested in getting a NAS drive with thunderbolt?

Hi, love your YouTube videos they are very helpful.

I’ve recently started my own business

Not going to great at the moment sadly (haha/slowing dying on the inside) as no events have been happening thanks to COVID.

So I am media creator making professional films/videos for people and businesses.

I’ve been thinking of a large NAS drive to store my files and work on my video projects from.

Will be handling a lot of 4K files and in high frame rates too 4K 120p

One of the reasons I was thinking a NAS is better, is So I can share finished video with people and get them to download it from my personal cloud rather then having to pay a file sharing site like weTransfer for their large file transfer service.

How does this file sharing work? Can I just select a file right click and generate a link to that file to share with someone via an email message similar to google drive?

I would highly appreciate if you could suggest to me some relevant devices for my needs also please tell me what internal hard drives are best to get too for the NAS.

I have no idea on the best raid setup to use and why?

Which NAS has the best phone apps and Mac software?
I use Mac computers.

If you would like to know anything else I would love to speak with you either zoom or FaceTime me. My number is on my website if you need to call me.

Hope to hear from you soon,
There are a few options with Thunderbolt. I would recommend starting with 72XT series such as TVS-472XT. But if it seems too expensive then there is a slower model such as TS-453BT3. Or you can consider getting a TS-453D with 10GbE card and do work this way.NAS will work very similar to Dropbox regards to file sharing, but you will get more of control and configuration options with it.The best drives would be WD Red Pro or Ironwolf pro. They are louder than regular NAS drives, but performance has its downside. Alternatively, SSD is fast and quite, but also more expensive. With 72XT series, you can use M.2 internal slots for silent/ fast storage or cache.I hope this helps.

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