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DS218+ single hard drive copy setting and data help?

I have a DS218+ and when I bought it I could only afford a single 6TB iron wolf NAS/RED HDD. I finally saved up for 2x 16TB iron wolf Pro NAS/RED HDD because they were cheaper on Newegg and wanted my 16TB drives to replace my original 6TB and have a backup. my other back up has been a drive on my computer that I transfer information over the internet. I plugged my new 16TB drive in the second bay and nothing happened so I tried to find the migration or setting that clones my 6TB drive to my new 16TB and can not find it or a good video off your YouTube or others. I was looking at options on my NAS and did add a drive but the 16TB is expanding on my 6TB and did not migrate or copying my old 6TB drive. I am panicking that I made a fatal error and am afraid I ruined the new 16TB drive which is expensive for me. how do I wipe my new drive that is now expandable storage to a copy of my 6TB drive on the 16TB drive then add my second 16TB drive as a backup. I do have some money if I can hire you but I know these processes can take lots of time how much would you charge to help me.

thank you for your time and thank you for all your youtube videos.
If you have a RAID group with a single HDD (Basic) RAID option then you should be able to add another drive and migrate to a RAID1 (with 2 drives). Once that is done you can replace the first drive with 16TB. though size do not match, all data will be duplicated to a new drive.I hope this helps.

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