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Replace Netgear Readynas NV +?

Hi, I would like to replace my old Netgear Readynas NV +. I need a NAS for photo files and audio files. I will use a SONOS system for listening. I want to be able to use the NAS while I am traveling in my Motorhome so I think SSD is the way to go as HDD will not handle the bumps and vibrations. I dont really need it for video, but if PLEX would be useful for my 1TB music collection I would consider that. I think a 4 bay would be best, but maybe a 2 bay would be sufficient? What NAS would you recommend? Also, if you could recommend a SSD as well. I have looked at the compatibility lists for QNAP and Synology and there are so many drives I dont know how to choose.

Thank you,
Thank you for your support, this keeps us going.Having SSD based NAS would be a good idea. Not only vibrations but also power consumption has a critical role. Synology DS419slim would be a good solution for music and photos, but 4K videos might be an issue when transcoding. But if you prefer to stream original files it would do that.You can start with 2 or 3 SSD and add more later if you need to. DS620slim would be another option.Synology is very easy to set up and use. Their software is widely compatible with other devices and systems.I hope this helps.

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