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Raid configuration and backup solution combo?

First, your videos are great. i have watched a loads of them, but still have some questions on my particular case and would like someone else's opinion.

Equipment i already have.

1 x DJ212J (2012) - 2x 2tb WD Red Plus in Raid 1 - this was my 2nd NAS and thought i upgraded at the time... this has been solid for 8 years and nearly 24/7 uptime and still running - figured it was time to upgrade and stop gambling. i have no backup of this NAS. it is also at 98% capacity which doesn't help.

2x TS-453D 8GB - i just picked up 2 of these based on your videos. 4x 4tb WD Red Plus.

my original intent was to have both of the 453D with 2x 4tb in RAID 1 and use one as a backup of the other, i realize this may be overkill after i purchased. and ditch the synology all together even though it has been rock solid. just freaking slow and dated.

Q 1: would it be better to put both 453Ds as RAID 0 and have one back up the other thereby getting the speed benefits of RAID 0? this would give me 8tb i am after with just 4 disks.

Q2: or should i purchase additional drives and hook up a RAID 5 with 3x 4tb in each giving me my 8tb storage in each? if so would i be able add a 4th 4tb to the RAID configuration in the future?

Q3: if i do use both 453D's what do you think of a RAID 5 in one using 3x 4TB and the backup with just 2x 4TB in RAID 0 in the other?

Thank you so much and keep those informative videos coming. ( i do listen to your videos at 1.75x and it makes them even more entertaining)

If you are not using 10GbE card then the RAID0 will not improve NAS transfer speeds. But if you do, then you can use another NAS to back up the first one, but when it fails you will have to reconfigure the second NAS to be available. Not difficult though.Yes, you can add additional drives to an existing RAID fairly simple.If you use RAID5 on the main NAS then certainly I would not use any RAID on a backup NAS. No need for that.I hope this helps.Happy new year!

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