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Synology transfer speed issues?

Hello forum, I've recently purchased and configured a Synology DS720+ for music library/streaming in home environment. The NAS is configured with dual WD Red Pro 8tb drives, 2x Samsung 970 pro SSD + 16gb of memory. The NAS is attached directly to a Netgear X6S wireless router (gigabit speed capable) using the included Cat6 cable from Synology. I've configured the storage and added a volume, plus enabled the SSD caching. I've tweaked the SMB setting, disabling transport encryption as described by Synology. Despite all of this, I can only get 1-2 MB/s transfers over the wired network. This is appalling!

By the way, if one googles "Synology transfer speed issue", you will find dozens of links to various blogs, Synology support forum, Reddit forum, Tom's Guid, Anandtech ....blah blah. Apparently this has been a problem for at least a decade from the limited research I have done.

So has anyone come up with a fix????
This definitely sounds like an SMB version issue between the NAS and a Windows client... The solution might require changing settings on the client.I’ve been using Synology devices at home (DS1513+ - About to upgrade to DS1621+) and work (DS3617RPxs) for years, and all of them will max out the network port (1Gbit/s or roughly 100MB/s) with decent drives (which you have) when doing simple file transfers.Unrelated - I’d not looked at the specs of your model before posting this, and it’s a bit of an odd ball. There’s no benefit to be had from putting a RW SSD cache in front of two SATA drives, regardless of their size.

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