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Video best NAS for Photographers?

Hi Team
In a video „best NAS for photographers“ you perfectly described my dream functionalities and identified the Qnap TVS 872xt as the answer.
For us 8 bay seems like overkill we wonder if it is better to buy this and partly populate (prob 4-6 HDD max) or to buy the 672 xt (cheaper, less powerful)?
Thanks for your thoughts.
Best regards
Any x72 series NAS will be a good choice for photo editing. We recommend i3/i5 models for 4K editors. But if you go for 672XT or 672N (using 2.5GbE ports or 10G PCIe card) the internal specs are still good enough to deliver the best speeds via any port you connect through.These models also feature graphics chip built-in which takes a strain off the CPU and makes it run faster in multi-user/ multi-task environments.I hope this helps.

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