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WIFI dongle?

Hi. I need to connect a Synology NAS to my router by wifi. I have seen your suggestions but there is no date on the article; everywhere else I find that the latest Synology NAS OS has dropped wifi support (why???). I do not want to purchase another wifi dongle (I already have several) if it's not going to work. So, is this article up to date and will the dongles you suggest (for example, you suggest 3 DLink models - I have a DWA171 and it is not recognised) work with the latest OS update? Thank you.
Last time I checked Asus USB-AC56 model worked.But I would recommend connecting via Ethernet – this is much faster. If you connect your NAS to your broadband router it will be automatically seen over the WiFi.Alternatively, if you have no LAN connection you can use WIFI extenders with a LAN out port which you can connect to your NAS.Or use Synology MR2200ac Wireless Mesh Router/Extender.

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