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Performance upgrade?


I'm planning to buy a DS920 from Synology to upgrade my DS214play. I'm using my Nas as a personal cloud for 1 desktop, 2 laptops and 2 phones, a multimedia server with 4k video and continous CCTV with Surveillance station with 4 cameras. What is the best choice to maximize performance: change the standard 4GB DDR to 8 GB DDR or should I use the SSD caching option?

SSD caching will unlikely help unless you run virtual machines/ web server or have many users accessing similar data.DS920+ supports 4K. I would even recommend running RAID5 on 3 disks and keep 1 disk separate for surveillance which can be connected also to a separate LAN. This would improve performance. Having 4GB RAM should be sufficient, but you can always add more RAM at a later stage if you decide to run more apps including Plex.I hope this helps.

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