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TS-230 crashes (Ko-fi2812)?


Set up running: QNAP TS-230, newest firmware, 2TB Seagate IronWulf compatible, RAID 1.

All working fine, except: NAS started freezing (ping OK, lights flashing, but no response on Win, GUI, ssh, telnet). Needed hard re-boot twice.

Afterwards, it also kept randomly crashing itself, endless file system checks and RAID resyncs.

Happened during initial setup, while MultimediaStation had finished indexing (>40k photos) and during creation of thumbnails, and while the QuMagie stuff (facial rec, object rec etc.) was running.

To investigate, I stopped all apps and let it run for a night - all fine. Then restarted them one by one, starting with MultimedStation. Which led to instant crash.

So stopped all services and re-started first DLNA (fine), then PhotoStation (fine). So QuMagie was the culprit (causing the crashes).

Could re-start all other apps fine.

Might have contributed by putting the "fan mode" on silent-automatic (even though that shouldnt be how it works...). Put it back to normal.

SOOO my question: can I use QuMagie, not that thumbnails are done and all runs stable?

Or is it too much? Or should I uninstall PhotoStation?

Don't want to cause more crashes and lose endless time on re-syncs etc.


Best from Berlin
Thank you for the coffee, this keeps us going.Qnap TS-230 is really basic NAS, you should have a look at the resource monitor, it might be running out of RAM. Also, make sure that RAID initialization is 100% finished. Also, make sure photo indexing is fully finished. This NAS is kind of single task solution, it can not cope with too many things simultaneously. Especially with facial recognition and transcoding. Once all processes all truly finished initialization and indexing, then you can try to figure out which apps you need the most. PhotoStation is less resource demanding compared to QMaggie artificial intelligence engine.I hope this helps.

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