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Installing synology OS on a regular PC ?

Thank you for all the work you do in sharing what you know about NAS. Your videos are very informative. I have been watching your youtube channel and my desire for an synology xs+ and my budget do not co-inside. Also hardware could be a savings if you already have it. So I really like the Synology features, Photo management, backup, media server and VM. However the reason I have been watching your show is because I am looking for a NAS system I can continuously upgrade and provide great hardware features cheaper over time.

So my question for you: Is there a way of installing Synology software on a multiple hard drive PC? Do you recommend this approach if I am comfortable with building PC's?

I have been looking at FreeNAS/TrueNAS, but their software is not as user friendly as QNAP or synology. I would love your opinion or honest advise of controlling my own hardware and leveraging Synology software. I am interested in the DSM 7 and the AI integration. If this is not a good approach. I was going to try out the 920+ but waiting for the price to drop back down into the $400 range as seen on black friday.

Thanks again.
Yes, you should have a look at the source solutions are not updated with new functions that often, and I find them less reliable.I hope this helps.

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