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Hello there,

Ive been strongly considering the QNAP TS-H686 with XeonD1602 but i did notice the tvs-672n(currently out of stock). which one should I consider?

my requirements are as follows:
1. Powerful unit with future upgrade options (adding a GPU, RAM, HDD/SSD/NvME later would be a plus)
2. I plan to start off with 3-4 4 tb drives as I feel the need to start small (wallet friendly), obviously with options to upgrade to higher TB drives like a 16 or 18tb
3. should have less power usage
4. Ability to setup a private cloud out of the box. I feel the need to completely do-away with Google Drive for long term costs and privacy concerns
5. Primary files types will be photos, videos and documents. Eventually should be in a position to integrate CCTV and some home automation.
6. Most important aspect, I would prefer something that has the least to no maintenance for the next 8-10 years.

Synology does not have the upgradable options and the flexibility offered by QNAP.

Please share your feedback or suggest any other model that will fit the bill.

TVS-672N is not as powerful a Xeon based NAS, but it is more multimedia friendly. Xeon CPU needs to use all its power to transcode videos whereas Intel CPU has a chip built inside which takes care of this and CPU is still available for other things. If you do want to add a graphics card you can also consider TS-673 which supports it.Qnap will allow you to create your own cloud with no privacy limits you have to agree with third party providers. Qnap is also the best choice for future-proofing. Other vendors do not allow upgrading their NAS in such a way.I hope this helps.

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