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Looking for 4 bay NAS for Home Entertainment?

Hi, I follow your YouTube channel regularly for NAS related reviews. I am looking for a 4 bay NAS for my home entertainment ( streaming 4k movies), back up my personal photographs and stream HIFI music. I am looking for good processor with PCIE expansion slots options for upgrading to 10 GB ethernet and SSD.
I narrowed my choices to 2 models ( QNAP TS-653D) and ( Synology 1520+) , since QNAP TS-653D comes with HDMI port it will be easier for me to hook it up to home theater/receiver for viewing 4k movies.

I need your suggestions on which NAS drive will suit my requirements. I appreciate your guidance in selecting a right choice for my needs.
DS1520+ has no PCIe slot, but it does have a multimedia friendly CPU. With a DS Video app or DLNA direct streaming, you would be able to stream and even transcode 4K. Qnap 653D does allow you to connect via HDMI and stream movies this way. But you would need to use a remote to control which is not as easy as phone casting or using a TV remote for everything. But this Qnap is also featuring a CPU with a graphics chip, so you can easily stream media the same way you would with Synology ds1520+.I hope this helps.

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