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Hello, I just wanted to ask what the point is in a single 2.5gbe port on home routers. My networking knowledge is pretty limited, but i see a lot of home routers only have 1 port for 2.5gbe. if i use my NAS on the 2.5gbe port and the other gigabit port to my laptop, wouldn't my conenction to my pc be a bottleneck and i would only get the same transfer speeds as if i was using 2.5gbe?

I'm asking is because I have a Nas with 2.5gbe(Nimbustor 4) and while i'm using it as is as a media server for plex and storage for my media, i'm also using it to install all my steam games. It's fine as it is. and maybe its a placebo effect but it feels faster than the onboard HDD even if its only on gigabit and I'm planning on building a pcwith a motherboard that has 2.5gbe port trying to take advatage of the additional bandwitdth. But i'm only finding home routers with only 1 2.5gbe port.
Yes, you are right. You can not get 2.5GBE on your computer via this switch/router. The best you can get is 2.5GbE from a NAS to a switch and then 2 computers accessing it at full 1GbE speed (instead of sharing a single 1GbE). You will need a different/ additional switch which is 2.5/5/10 GbE.I hope this helps.

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