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First NAS and I need to run CrashPlanPro -- QNAP or Synology?

I will soon be purchasing my first NAS and NASCompares & the YouTube videos have been invaluable. I'm not TOO technically minded, but I do use an Ubuntu Desktop as my primary computer and am an Android phone user. Though I was originally considering Synology, I now (thanks in large part to NASCompares) feel that QNAP is a better fit for me. I will have 4x12TB Seagate NAS drives and was planning on either the TS-453D (with 8GB) or the DS920+. I will primarily be using it for Plex and also storing massive amounts of photos & archive videos. I would very much like to use CrashPlan for small Business which seems to generally work on both. The comments under this video: seem to indicate that it may no longer be a working solution for CrashPlan on QNAP, but this video indicates that CrashPlan will work on Synology using Docker: -- will that same Docker solution also work on QNAP via Container Station?
Alright! Answering my own question here.So, I went with the TS-453D (8GB RAM) and I generally setup CrashPlan following the instructions in this video which were indeed helpful.The trick was, selecting the correct folders for backup in CrashPlan. The video makes it seem you can just easily select the folders you would like to backup on the NAS -- not true! I had to drill down to /share2/CACHEDEV1_DATA/_the_folder_I_shared -- when doing that, CrashPlan appears to be working well.

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