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Newbie NAS for a mac using professional artists?

Hi there! It's amazing of you to offer the advice that you do, thank you so much! I'd love to buy you a cup of coffee (really a donation Smile in exchange for your help if you accept USD or BTC.

My situation:
I'm an illustrator/artist, new graduate startin g my freelance buisness and setting up a home studio to work in. As it stands, I have 3 or 4 external hard drives with various important files on them, Plus 1TB of data on my iMac, and 500GB on my laptop that both desperately need backing up. I really need to combine all the files in one place but don't have anything that has enough space for all my data right now. I have probably about 4TB of data right now, and would like it to be a good storage solution for a few years at maybe expandable? or at least 8TB to give me growing space. And I would ideally like the data to be network-shared for access from different devices, as well as have some sort of redundancy to protect my artwork in case of HD failure. In fact, my iMac has just died, and now I'm really realizing how much precious data is on the line when things go wrong....

I 've looked at the WD Cloud series and Synology...Synology is just painfully expensive. But maybe it would be worth it to start with a 2 bay synology and then when I'm a rich and famous illustrator, upgrade to a 4 bay? haha. Dreams.

I'd love your advice. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my inquiry!

Michelle London
Yes, having a NAS you do not need to worry about things like finding/ accessing/ securing/ sharing and so on. For simple file storage, you can choose any model which is not J series (those are for backup and are quite slow even though they would work). Plus series NAS like DS220+/ 420+ is their flagship models allowing them to try and feel everything NAS can offer, including installing all apps and running multimedia and so on. You can even get 4bay and start with 2 drives and add more as you need.I hope this helps.

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