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NAS For DVD Ripping?

NAS Plex server

I’m looking for a way to digitize my personally created videos as well as upload digital backups of my purchased DVDs, Blu Ray, and 4K Ultra as well as purchased CD music
You might be interested in TVS-882BR-ODD from Qnap. This NAS comes with an optical drive installed. You can then use Linux station with DVDFab installed to rip your disks into ISO and then convert into MP4 or AVI format. All of this can be done without using a computer. You can easily connect the monitor and keyboard to this NAS and operate it this way.Products from TVS-882BR-ODD-i7-32G All-in-One Blu-Ray NASPrice: Out of stockHere is how you do it:   Here is a full video from Qnap:    There is also something Called ZAPPITI this might be useful too.  

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