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Complete first NAS setup?


Great videos and reviews by the way! So with Google pulling unlimited photos I'm looking at options and running my own NAS to do the job myself.

At the moment my main reason is to backup our photos and videos, that's about it really. All our media we stream off services and don't hold it ourselves. The only other possible addition would be security cameras. We've looked previously but we're always put off by them being held elsewhere and susceptable to those issues.

At the moment I was looking at:

• Synology DS220+ with x2 4tb iron wolf drives
• A UPS like an APC BX1400UI (I don't know what size I'd need?! Is this too big? I don't want to be spending £300 on a UPS as well)
• a 4tb stand alone ruggedised drive to do another backup to store in another location.

What are your thoughts? Am I completely off the mark?


Yes, this sounds like a sound plan. This is a Celeron based NAS with a graphics chip built-in. Synology is very easy to set up and use.You can easily back up computers and mobile devices. You can also utilise some AI in photo organizing apps. It will allow you to easily replace Google photos with something better. Also will offer more functions compared to Dropbox.I hope this helps.

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