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Free CRM And Accounting System And More On A NAS?

NAS for ERPNext solution

I am looking for a NAS Storage for media, Documents and where I can setup ERPNext ( easily on my own as a non tech guy.
Is it possible
1) is it possible to Setup ERPNext on a NAS storage device?
2) is it safe and secure to do it (hacking) ?
3) Can you recommend a NAS Storage that works well with ERPNext
4) How can I protect my ERPNext from unauthorized access or leaking information?
5) Is the whole system encrypted during storage and data transfer?
There are three ways of installing ERPNext on a NAS. You can install it bit by bit, starting with Database and Python and ERPnext itself. You can also install it using Docker or you can create a virtual machine and use Virtual box Images with the prebuilt installation. None of these methods will be easy and you will likely need help doing it. Also, you will need someone to update and maintain all of this in order to keep the setup safe. It will be better to pay a monthly price and let others handle these things unless you have someone to trust doing it in-house.This is quite an interesting piece of software including:AccountingInventoryCRMSalesPurchaseHRMSProject ManagementSupportAsset ManagementQuality ManagementManufacturingWebsite ManagementCustomize ERPNextAnd MoreHere is paid version: background: also here: Github: 

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