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Asustor Mobile Apps For Photos And More?

Photo app recommendation for Apple user who just got a Nimbustor 4

Do you have software recommendations that may help me manage my photos on my Nimbustor 4 NAS?

Ideally I would like the functionality and convenience we enjoy with our Apple devices (iPhone 8+, iPhone 6, Apple TV, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini) but instead of storing our photos in iCloud, have them stored on our new Nimbustor 4.
For the phones and tablets, I recommend AiPhoto app which will allow you to backup your phone photos automatically to your NAS. You can also then access photos from other devices across different devices. Accessing data remotely is the best feature when visiting friends and family to show your memories.Desktop apps are quite limited, but all you need to do is mounting a network drive or synchronizing a folder. Then an internal photo organizing app can do the rest.I hope this helps and thanks for the support. AiFoto 4+ASUSTOR Inc. Description*Must be used in conjunction with Photo Gallery v2Browse through your favorite memories from Photo Gallery while on the go or instantly upload photos that you have taken to your NAS. Additionally, all offline albums can be protected by passwords further increasing your privacy. You can also use the instant album upload function to automatically transfer photos from your mobile device to your NAS, making photo backup a breeze!— Supports subfolder structure with “Browse” mode— Browse photos from Photo Gallery via thumbnails— Unique design allows users to easily browse both online and offline albums with just one swipe— Instantly upload any photos taken to your NAS— Supports downloading of albums for convenient offline browsing— Supports self-defined passcode for offline albums, providing free privacy and protection for photos— Automatic backup of photos from mobile devices— Supports online photo comment function— Supports online move/copy/delete functions for photos— Download/upload task monitor— View and edit EXIF information and photo descriptions— Keyword search of file names— AirPlay support allows you to enjoy browsing on different screens— Supports HTTPs connectionsOther apps:AiDataAiData is ASUSTOR’s file management app for iOS devices. AiData allows you to browse the files stored on your NAS and also share…as-explore-linkAiDataView moreNASmasterNASmaster is Lenovo’s NAS management app for mobile devices that allows you to easily remote control all your NAS devices no…as-explore-linkNASmasterView moreAiFoto*Must be used in conjunction with Photo Gallery v2 Browse through your favorite memories from Photo Gallery while on the go or…as-explore-linkAiFotoView moreAiMasterAiMaster is ASUSTOR’s NAS management app for mobile devices that allows you to easily remote control all your NAS devices no…as-explore-linkAiMasterView moreAiRemote ControlThe AiRemote app turns your mobile device into a remote control for ASUSTOR Portal. Now you can control Chrome, Surveillance…as-explore-linkAiRemote ControlView moreAiVideos* Must be used in conjunction with LooksGood V2.0.0.R59 onward. AiVideos brings you the smoothest mobile video viewing…as-explore-linkAiVideosView moreAiMusicAiMusic allows you to stream music from your NAS to your mobile device, letting you enjoy your entire music collection while on…as-explore-linkAiMusicView moreAiSecureAiSecure is ASUSTOR’s Surveillance Center mobile app that makes it easy to monitor the things you care about most. After…as-explore-linkAiSecureView more

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