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TVS-872XT CPU And RAM Upgrade?

CPU and RAM upgrade

Thanks for this great review. Since short I am also the proud owner of the TVS-872XT NAS.

I am looking for options to upgrade the CPU of this NAS to an I7 and go to 64gb RAM. I would like to inquire to what motherboard is in the NAS and what CPU types would fit on the motherboard. I read about the Intel I7 Core 8770T but I can’t find it for purchase in my neighborhood.

On the RAM upgrade. I know officially the TVS872XT supports up to 32gb, but I found several users to upgrade to 64gb (2x32gb). Samsung seems a good choice, but would you have other experiences or recommendations?

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TVS-872XT CPU And RAM Upgrade? - by Enquiries - 02-28-2020, 03:37 PM
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