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Cheapest UPS Battery For TVS-872XT?

Cheapest UPS battery for TVS-872XT

Hello, Hope you are doing well. Based on your previous recommendation I had purchased a Qnap 872-XT.

I am now looking for ma UPS to ensure i don’t loose any data during a power outage.

I am looking for something affordable. (Under $200 CAD)

I was wondering if you can offer me a recommendation for my qnap. The Qnap Will be the only thing plugged in to the UPS.

I found a few in my price range, but was wondering if these can communicate with my Qnap and ensure enough time for proper shutdown.

TVS-872XT consumes 65.03 W while actively running.

Can anyone suggest a USB UPS that is compatible with the DS218+ for use in the USA and under $200?
Cheapest UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) For Synology and Qnap will be from CyberPower value series. They come with USB port which need to be connected to your NAS. Then within a NAS you can set the rules what happens wen electricity is gone. There is always Cheap, cheaper and cheapest UPS- what matters is the time it will last without power.The cheapest UPS for Synology & Qnap NAS is CyberPower VALUE 600EILCD Value Series Uninteruptible Power SupplyBrand nameCyberpowerItem Weight4.8 KgProduct Dimensions30 x 10 x 14 cmItem model number0R60007Number of USB 2.0 Ports1Number of Serial Ports1Voltage230 voltsWattage360 wattsProducts from VALUE600EILCD Value Series UPS, 600VA/360W, 3 IEC Outlets, AVR, Mini-TowerPrice: £63.99 just to let you know the information. I just went and buy budget UPS PowerWalker VI 850 SHL and it works normally with my DS-418play. The NAS recognize it. Tested and it shows it can run around 57 min in battery mode. I have two disks curretnly in my NAS and Ubee router is also connected to same UPS.Products from VI 850VA IEC 480W UPSPrice: £69.49To enable local UPS support on Synology:Connect the UPS device to a USB port of the Synology NAS.On the UPS tab, check the Enable UPS support checkbox.Select when the Synology NAS should enter Safe Mode after power failure occurs.Choose whether or not to send a shutdown signal to the UPS device when the system enters Safe Mode. Most UPS devices can automatically turn on when power is restored.Click Apply.Standalone Mode – USBTo operate under USB standalone mode, follow the steps below:1.Plug in the USB cable on the UPS to the NAS.2.Select the option “Enable UPS Support”.3.Choose between whether the NAS will shut down or enter auto-protection mode after the AC power fails. Specify the time in minutes that the NAS should wait before executing the option you have selected. After the NAS enters auto-protection mode, the NAS resumes the previous operation status when the power restores.4.Click “Apply All” to confirm.Products from VALUE1000EILCD Value Series UPS, 1000VA/550W, 3 IEC Outlets, AVR, Mini-TowerPrice: £92.52 Cyberpower VALUE2200EILCD Value Series UPS, 2200VA/1320W, 6 IEC Outlets, AVR, Mini-TowerPrice: £172.61 CyberPower BR1000ELCD-UK BRICs Series, 1000VA/600W, 6 UK Outlets (3 Surge only, 3 UPS and Surge), 1 USB Charging Port, AVR, Brick FormatPrice: £116.56    

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