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Which NAS for a church for video recording, editing, and file sharing?

I want to move our church from Windows Server 2012 to a NAS. We have less than 1 TB of private and shared office files being backed up to a 3 TB external HDD. We also have a Mac (not connected to the server) for recording our services and for video editing. There are 7 HDDs connected to it with 36 TB of video files. There is a 14 TB HDD connected to it to which I have backed up most of the Final Cut Pro 10 libraries as a stopgap measure. I also subscribed to Backblaze to back up this Mac online. Every Sunday we record our services and live stream them through the Mac. The recordings are saved to the external HDDs until they are edited and published. We need a connection that is fast for the recording and passing of the files to the live stream box, and then need all this data stored and backed up. We also need file sharing, and the ability to connect from any computer, tablet or phone, from anywhere. What Synology NAS do you recommend, how much storage, and RAID 5, 6, or SHR? Thanks.
Synology is indeed a very reliable solution, but Qnap is their biggest competitor and very often they come up with solutions Synology can not replicate. And so there is software on Qnap available to allow you to live stream and save the video on the NAS all at once. It is called DJ2live. You can read more here: RAID only allows us to mix different size drives. There are no other benefits. But it is easier to move your drives or recover if you use traditional RAID like RAID5/6. I would recommend their latest video editor solutions such as TVS-872XT (also 4 and 6 bays available). They also have 72N version for those who do not need Thunderbolt. You will also get a cache to speed up things. Also, it will support virtual machines if you still wanted to keep Active directory and other windows server functions but run o the NAS itself. You will also get Dropbox-like alternatives, Video and photo apps, and even snapshot technology to protect your NAS against things like the Wanna Cry virus. All this included with a NAS.​​​​​​​I hope this helps.

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