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How To Link IP Cameras In One House With A NAS In Another House?

How to link IP cameras in one house with a NAS in another house? IP cameras remote connection to Synology NAS Surveillance Station

I’ve found your article as very interesting and clarifying, but still I can’t find an answer for my desired installation.
I’d like to install a surveillance system in my second home, but configured from a Synology NAS I have in my main home, both in different cities and I can’t find if this is possible.
I want to know if I can configure my cameras installed in my second home to be managed from my Synology NAS installed in my first home.
Both are 50 km away from each other and both homes have a fast 100mb fiber optics connection to the PTT network.
The idea is to check my second home cameras from my first home Synology NAS and/or surveillance app.
If answer is positive, could I also send the recording over the internet so I can keep the video in case the burglar stole the SD card?.
Thank you for any help
This is indeed a very good idea! Burglars would very likely steal your NAS with evidence. There would be nothing you could do. Even if you would remotely replicate all data from a NAS in the main home and backup NAS in another home. Things like that happen very quickly and every second counts.Yes, you can set up all your cameras in the main house and enable port forwarding for particular IP addresses. Then you can connect remotely and add them to your surveillance station. Footage of everything that happens in the house will be stored in a remote location. You will get notifications on your phone and you will be able to connect and watch a live stream on cameras.If you are still looking for a compatible NAS, the DS218+ would give you a smooth user experience and responsiveness.You may also find Synology router and mesh points useful for this setup.Products from DS218+ 2 Bay Desktop NAS EnclosurePrice: £296.99 Synology RouterPrice: £192.97 Synology RouterPrice: £120.48 Here is how to set it up.How to add a camera on a different network segment to Surveillance StationWhen your Synology NAS/NVR and IP cameras are connected to Internet via the same router, they can recognize and communicate with each other using private IP addresses. However, in cases where the devices are on different network segments (e.g. if you try to access a home IP camera from your office), you will need to assign port numbers to your cameras so that external connections can find the exact device through the router.This article will take configuring an AMCREST camera and a Synology router as example to walk you through the process.1. Before You StartThis article assumes that you have done the following tasks:Installed and activated Surveillance Station from Package Center.Set up an IP camera and have access to its settings webpage.2. Add a Camera with Port Forwarding RulesIn IP Camera, click Add > Add Camera.Select Quick Setup or Complete Setup, and click Next.Enter a Name.Go to the configuration website of the camera you wish to add, and assign port numbers to the services.Go to the settings page of your router, and create corresponding port forwarding rules.Enter the IP address and Port number according to the previous setup.Select a Camera model, and enter the Username and Password.Click Test Connection to make sure a connection is established, then click Finish to complete.
I'm almost positive that you can do what you want with Tailscale. It's free and allows remote connections directly without opening ports. I've tried it in a very modest way to connect to my Synology NAS with my iPhone and it's great. Lots of Youtube videos on Tailscale. You can sync any number of devices. I believe that, in your case, you would set up your remote NAS as a node on that network and that would all you to access the other devices, including those cameras. Better read the instructions though.

If you want access to your security camera files, I'd suggest something like Syncthing. Also free. Have the remote NAS sync to your local NAS so if the bad guy steals both your camera and the NAS, you will have copies of everything.

I have a number of Reolink cams at my home which ftp's everything to my Synology NAS but I don't use the Synology surveillance app; way to complex for my needs and I don't want to have to pay for licences. I use Reolink's Windows desktop app to manage all of my cameras. On my NAS, I have the Cloud sync app sync just the jpgs to my Google Drive account in real time. No videos due to space issues. If anything shows up in the jpg's then I review the video clips. I can check the Google Drive pics from anywhere in the world on my phone. The Reolink app creates a new folder for each year, month, and day so finding a file or period of time is dead easy. The Reolink app is quite easy to use once you sort things out. And once one camera is setup, just do the others the same way. Yours may work in a similar way.

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