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Synology vs. QNAP disk size upgrade?
On Synology vs. QNAP videos it was stated that you can use different size disks with Synology but not with QNAP, is this still true?
How do you upgrade your QNAP RAID to larger disks? If you can't use various sizes do you have to rebuild from scratch?
I'm also interested in this answer. Currently shopping to decide which brand to purchase.
This is still true, QNAP does not support mixing different sized HD's in the same RAID volume.You can but the RAID will be utilised based upon the smallest HD, so you would be wasting the remainder space on the larger HD's, it will never ever be used in that configuration.I'm also not too sure if QNAP formally would support such a configuration.AFAIK, when you want to upgrade to larger HD's, you would need to move your data to a safe (external) place and indeed rebuild from scratch.

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