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DS418play or DX517 with DS1515?

Hey there, firstly love your NAS reviews! learnt a lot from them.

i currently have a DS1515 which is running low on space. my files are mainly mkv (1080p with a dash of 4K with high end audio such as DTS-MA, Atmos) so each file is over 10GB in size.
i only Direct Play.
i don't stream from outside the house. even at home, it is only to my Sony Android TV (not Android box).
i have not transcoded before because of the power required to transcode which works bad with the DS1515.

my question is: should i get the DX517 expansion (now compatible with the DS1515) or the DS418play?

i am aware that i will then have 2 separate pools so i'll need to figure out how to manage the media through Emby or Plex. just found Synology's Video Station and am looking at that as an option too.

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