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Moving data from old nas to new nas?

I have DS411 with four 2TB drives. The raid configuration on two drives is set to Basic (with out protection) and the other two are set to Synology hybrid raid SHR (with out protection)

The DS411 is not supported by migration assistant for the source .

So here is my Question, Can I set up the DS1019 with one 12tb drive, then insert the old drives to copy the data, then discard those old drives?

Thank you for your time.
It is not the way professional users will recommend. But I use Backup Software Iperius Backup to backup all the data. The target volume can be used in case of crash in the same way like the old source volume. Of course you can use also xcopy or Allway Sync. But I prefer Iperius Backup because it simply works and is easy to use. You also can use app from NAS-producer. Best regards Winfried
I’ve had portable usb hdds plugged into my NAS for years, and have the NAS copy into them, mainly just to prevent loss of data from a nas failure, you can buy a 4-5tb model for around £100 ? I’ve just replaced my old WD DL4100 with a DS 1019+ which I’m just getting used to, and as a trial setting it up, I’ve a anker unpowered Anker 4 port usb hub plugged into the back of the 1019+, currently have two 2tb WD drives working fine.

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