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Diy VS just buy?


I'm following the pre build NAS world for a while now and I'm a bit stunned how pricey they are compared to what's available in terms of hardware and software today.

So for a while now a NAS is not just used for storage via a network nor is it advertised as such. It's becoming more of an all round type off "server"with a lower power consumption compared to a traditional similar type off server. This is also how i want to use one as a flexible home server. The last couple of years the hardware is wildly available to do that for a lower price. But i don't see it being offered bye any of the NAS manufacturers. There is also a wide range of free open source OS software available and some of them in my opinion are superior to the OS they provide.

I would need to buy one off their top tear enterprise devices to come remotely close to something i want in terms of power and probably not use half of the available bays etc ?

So how can you justify the cost of a that and in general any pre build NAS ?

For example in the pc world OEM'S big and small in general provide attractive and sometimes lower priced devices compared to a similar DIY solution. Which makes sense because they can buy and produce in bulk.

How would you not build something yourself invest a little time in building it and doing research and have something more powerful more power efficient for a fraction of the price?


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