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NAS advice?

I am searching for my first NAS solution. We are a family of four (2 adults, 2 young children) and are all Apple users. Few phones, Pads, three Mac computers. My expectation from from a NAS unit is a Media Center (probably Plexi) so I can stream from one location to several devices, including my TV (not a smart TV, no wifi) through HDMI. Second of all I am looking for a remote access (not from home) to files and last but not least a backup solution (Time Machine). I would also like to have folder I can share with third parties (possibly password protected), so I can upload work related files and they can access it from their homes. I got my eyes set for a QNAP TS-253B. I intend to install 2x 4TB drives - one main and one backup/mirror (probably WD Red NAS HDD 4TB). Is this a valid solution for my demands? Or is maybe TS-251+ enough (although is a bit older then the previously mentioned 253B)? What would be your suggestion?
Thank you in advance!
All the best,
Qnap ts-251+ is true quite an old NAS and the mind does not support all the latest video files via HDMI. 253be would do a better job. But if you want the latest technology from Qnap then ta-251d would feature new hdmi2.0.All of these NAS will do all that you need.I hope this helps.

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