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QNAP QNA-T310G1S + transceiver?

I've got a MacBook Pro and I'd like to be able to connect to 10G networks (at work, installations and also at home).
I'd like to be able to connect to both fiber and cooper networks. that's why I'm thinking in an adapter like the QNA-T310G1S (SFP+) and the possibility to buy an ethernet RJ45 transceiver.
But I'm lost with transceivers compatibilities (Juniper, Mellanox, Ubiquity, HP) , and I'm not sure if this will work and if I'll have compatibility issues.
I write to you because I follow you on youtube and I've seen that you have posted several videos about SFP+ networks and adapters, and I thought that maybe you could help me.

Will it work? Any transceiver model suggested? Any advice?
Thanks in advanced
Yes, any of these adapters will work. When you check specs you will realise that most of them use the same 10GbE Aquantia chip inside. All conversion is done inside the adapter so there should be no compatibility issues. But it is still worth checking.I hope this helps.

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