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New NAS required - advice please?


I have a small home network with a Synology DS-213j serving home/office needs and Plex. It's very nearly full so I want a second NAS, to use solely for Plex. I will then use the 213j for home/office duties only, with the two current 2TB drives mirrored.

So what can you recommend please? I'm not wedded to Synology, and I find their interface a bit clunky/inflexible to be honest but at least it's reliable I guess. However this could be different for a modern system. I'd ideally like a 4-bay NAS, and would start with a single 8TB drive possibly. Reliability and quality for me are most important. I would expect no more than 3 Plex users at a time to be using the NAS, at anything between 720-4k, more or less always on a TV. My maximum budget would be £1000 all-in, though I'd hope to spend less if I can.

Thanks in advance for any pointers... irf
Plex is a very demanding app. Transcoding Plex might require a very powerful CPU like i7 (TVS-882 or TVS-872T). Or at least a model like TS-673 with a GPU card added manually.If transcoding is not needed (subtitles activates transcoding), the DS918+ should cope with this as well as TVs-673e.I hope this helps.

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