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Cheap 10GbE Nas for Video Editing and Post Production?

Hi NAS Compares Team,

I want to setup a 10GbE NAS for my self. I am a freelance Digital Artist. I do 3D-Rendering, video editing and post production.
I need to handle large files. I want a solution wich lets me edit directly from the NAS. I handle 4K video files, thats why I need 10GbE (I think?).

I dont have a huge budget. I want the cheapest available 10GbE solution that works with my desktop PC.

This is the stuff I have chosen right now:

NAS: TS-332X
Switch: QSW-308-1C + DAC Cable
10GbE PCI-e Card: QXG-10G1T
HDD: 3x 4TB IronWolf

Will this work together as I expect it?
Will I have the full troughput at my PC and will I be able to edit 4K Video directly from the NAS?
Do I need a SSD for caching?
Can I connect (via another switch) multiple machines to the single 10GbE copper port of the switch with full bandwith?
Do you think this is the cheapest solution I can get?

Many thanks!

Best Regards

This NAS feature really weak CPU. It will probably work for you if you are going to be the only user.I would rather choose something with Celeron or Atom CPU like TS-453Be with a 10GbE card. It would also cope better with SSD caching if installed via 10G/SSD card via PCIe. But cache does not directly help to edit.I hope this helps.

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