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DAS (or NAS) with 10gb ethernet built in.?

Hello! I want to find a dedicated DAS (as I am a team of 1) for an animated film project I am working on. I just rebuilt my computer, using the ASRock x570 Creator motherboard which has onboard 10GB ethernet (and Thunderbolt support), and would love to use that capability to stream video for editing. Before now I had everything on an Orico RAID enclosure with Esata, but it just died and I need a replacement system. I was hoping you could recommend something small, perhaps in a 4 bay configuration. Thank you so much!!!

- Christopher

PS: The short film is based on author Neil Gaiman's remarkable story, "The Price." You can check it out at:
I would recommend Qnap TS-251D/TS-253Be/TS-453Be. These NAS feature PCI slot for 10GbE upgrades. Or you can simply get USB3 to 5GbE adapter instead of a 10G card. This would give a similar speed as eSATA. Just need to make sure you have fast enough drives inside.I hope this helps.

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