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Looking for advice.?

Dear Robbie.

After my DAS raid 0( icybox 2x8tb ironwolf pro) failed and I nearly lost all my data, I decided to invest in NAS server. I spent days for research, checked several videos from you and I got some questions.

Some information about what I want to use for.
I got a small business and our data use is increasing, important for us to fast access to the data and expandable storage.
I like to invest in the "future" at least for the next 4-6 years.


- Which brand for the main NAS? (I found interesting the Synology system because of the btrfs and shr, and the UI looks user-friendly. Other hand I really like the hardware of the qnap, but I don't need the HDMI and card-reader port ) I am going for a 10Gigabit connection and I really hope the new Synology 2020 series delivers top-notch specs.
- Which brand for backup NAS? (This NAS would sit in my flat I would prefer a 4bay option in RAID0. I would fill in with my existing Seagate ironwolf pro 8Tb derives)
- Which brand for storage? (I am using Seagate ironwolf pro and skyhawk in my NVR. My plan is to fill up the main NAS with 2 x 16TB HDD in SHR/RAID5/RAID6 )
- Which one is recommended bigger capacity HDDs or more HDDs with smaller capacity?
- Which is the best value 10Gigabit switch with RJ45 ports? (I still have ~200m cat7 cable after my ipcam installation so its time to use)
- Which is the best value USB-C 3.1 gen 2 to rj45 adapter (I only found with thunderbolt3 adapter. My laptop has usc-c 3.1 gen 2 and only 1Gigabit LAN port.)

Secondary questions:

- I tried to search a chronological model release list from Synology and Qnap, but I couldn't find one. Do you know where I can find a chart like this?

- I am planning to make a Plex server, I want to install on bought of the NASs because when I am in my flat it can use the local network, but when I travel I would use my main NAS because the internet is faster at my workplace. Is it a way to set this up or its automatically connecting to a higher bandwidth?

Thank you in advance.
The best choice for future-proofing is TS-453Be or TS-451D from Qnap. These models can be upgraded to 10GbE and SSD cache and extra RAM. These are the thing what will keep this solution long-lasting. Synology will not be a good solution unless you look at DS1618+ or bigger boxes.The best drives will be WD Red or Ironwolf drives. These are made to run 24/7.Here are the cheapest 10G switches: is only a 5GbE/ USB3 adapter. 10GbE adapter will only be via Thunderbolt.I hope this helps.

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