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Which Nas? Where to buy? Setup?

First of all, I want to say: Such a great web! It has been a long time I have been looking for NAS, here and there, and you have all in one single spot, with videos and a lot of infos! Thanks!
I want to buy my first NAS. And I don't know where nor which to buy?
My first idea is a first DS218+ with 3Tb+3Tb WDred discs. Later on, I would like to buy another identical NAS to locate it in a different place (f.e. parents house) and do mirroring.

I'm a consultant for NGOs. I travel a lot into complex countries to evaluate projects. When I'm in Europe, I do websites and fundraising campaigns for NGOs.
I need a NAS to:+ Backup 2 Android device and 1 iOs device
+ Make copies of a Mac (TimeMachine, 300GB) and a PC (1Tb and growing)
+ Recover files from any other device
+ Share files Divide the space into 3 independent sections, where one user cannot access the other
+ Store the backup copies of the websites I design.

I wonder where I can obtain a preset packet.

In the Spanish shops I cannot find all models nor setup service. And the only places where I find NAS are extreamly overpriced.
Thanks for your counsel!
Synology DS218+ is an extremely good first NAS. It features all of the functions you would need to easily backup your devices and even automatically keep snapshots (previous versions of files). It is useful for web developers to go back in time and restore older versions.Qnap also offers an alternative to this mode TS-251b/TS251d. It has the same spec and functionality.I hope this helps.

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