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New home set up?

I have gigabit fibre internet using my boradband providers supplied wireless router. I have started streaming movies and TV stored on my Samsung Tab S6 to my Samsung Q7 series tv in my lounge. I have an older Samsung Tv in my bedroom and would like to find a way to stream content to this TV UA46ES62000 in addition to the one in the lounge. The bedroom TV wont hook up to the S6 Tab. I currenlty use an android tv box to stream Netflix to this tv.

I also use microsoft onedrive to store work documents and access these documents from both Tab S6, iphone XS, iPad Pro and macbook pro. If I could use a NAS solution to store everything, stream content to tv's in the house and remotely over the internet and access documents from any device anywhere also, that would be great. I am considering buyung a S20 samsung smart phone immenently.

Happy to upgrade router in addition to spend on purchase of NAS too.

Would appreciate some set up and purchasing advice
If you will use video streaming apps that are built-in then DS218+ / TS-251D would be good options. Qnap can be connected via HDMI while also streaming over Ethernet and WiFi. But you can get Chromecast dongles for older TVs if they have no WiFi. Then you can locate your NAS next to the router.I hope this helps.

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