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Hi Robbie,
First off let me start off by telling you what a phenomenal web site you have !!!!!!!!!!!

I just bought an Nvidia shield to use as my client hooked up to my router via gigabit ethernet cable so I think I am set on that side

I was wondering I have a pretty powerful desktop that is on all the time
it is an I7-2700k clocked at 4GHZ, 32 gig of RAM, running WIN 10 PRO on a 500 gig Samsung 850 EVO,with a GeForce GTX 750 Ti no games are played on this machine
I am currently using this machine as my plex server and it is working out well

Most of my video files are either 1080p or 720p which look good on my 50" Panasonic Plasma TV

As far as number of streams and transcoding I will be the only one watching, it is not shared with anyone or any mobile devices basically just streaming to my TV

I have all of of my movies and media stored on a SINGLE 8 TB western digital RED in a USB 3.0 enclosure shared through the above mentioned desktop...I do know if that drive fails all is gone in an instant....that is why I am looking to upgrade to either an ethernet gigabit NAS (RAID 1) or a USB 3.0 DAS with hardware raid as well
my concern is are there any performance issues between a DAS vs NAS as far as streaming speed...currently there is no lag or buffering at all..the desktop stays on 24/7 with no issues and I am ok with that

It would be very helpful if you can recommend a particular NAS and DAS to help me make up my mind decsion

for the DAS I was concedering the QNAP TR-002 but I am not sure ???
and for a NAS i am really not sure

My budget is around $700 for the enclosure and another WD 8TB RED

Also what about the NAS going into sleep mode and waking it up ??

sorry for the long questions but I am kinda of unsure of which way to go I want to do this right the first time ..........Thanks in advance for your help......Stu
Looks like you have all their hardware in place for the streaming side of things. All you need is only storage space. Qnap TR-002 could be an option. It features hardware RAID which always speeds things up. This would be a good choice for connecting it directly to your PC. But as you know you can not share your files over the internet with a DAS. Also turning your PC into something else would not be as easy as app install. Here are some ideas of what NAS can do: you did decide to use NAS instead of DAS, then for storage space purpose only you could get a cheap NAS like DS220j r Qnap p series. No need for anything more expensive. Unless you decide to use if for anything else.I hope this helps.

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